Doming Sticker Gold matt, Flat surfaces, Standard glue

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Give your product an extra shine with a 3D doming sticker in any shape or size you may need. Beautiful full-colour print. Your logo, text or print will appear GOLD.

The transparent protection layer made of Polyurethane gives the sticker the ultimate protection against scratches, humidity and all weather conditions but also gives the sticker a glossy 3D effect.

Because of the UV protection, colours will remain beautiful over time. Is the regular doming sticker too shiny for you? No problem, choose the white vinyl with a matt finish.

Standard extra adhesive when needed.
Material principalLámina y cobertura acrílica
Peso6 g
Área de impresión doming50 cm2 maximum
Personalización individual posible
Plazo mínimo de fabricación5 Días laborables
Garantía1 año
Unidad de pedido1 Unidad
Cantidad minima de pedido25 Unidades